Managing Your Own Stress Levels

Managing Your Own Stress Levels

As I write this article, I am juggling so many balls that I want to duck my head, expecting them to crash at any moment.
In the past this would have driven me crazy, stressed me out, you see I used to be the queen of stress.
As such, I’ve had a lot of practice dealing with stress and helping to keep it from driving me to the funny farm – I try to let the little things go.

This was really big for me, because I want to control everything and every situation –
“because I can do it better”. 🙂 Sound familiar?

I’ve had to let go of the things that really don’t matter so that I can devote my energy and focus on things that do.

I do a lot of deep breathing.

When you feel things getting out of hand and you don’t have a second to spare, that’s the time when you need to take a minute and stop.

Just stop

Take a deep breath and stretch your arms up high in the air.
Circle them around and stretch them to the sides.
Breathe in and out.
Then continue what you were doing, and you should find that it’s a little easier to deal with.

Get some help.
When you just cannot do it all, find others that can help you.
This is another area that is hard for me. It goes back to the fact that I can do it best and I want it done my way.
Realise that other ways will work just as well and let someone help you.

It is so important that we watch our stress and make sure that it doesn’t take over.
Stress affects so many things in our bodies and controls how we interact with other people.

Watch your stress levels and take care of yourself. Your body will thank you later.
If there are any questions about how to manage your stress, or anything else that you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to get in touch –